About US


Since opening in 2011, J&F Advisors stands strong as the youngest African-American Female CPA duo to own and operate a professional accounting practice in Detroit. J&F Advisors has more than 20 years of combined experience, making them well-versed in many tax and accounting issues.

With a goal to build a trusting and respectful relationship with clients, J&F Advisors helps avoid costly mistakes by providing insight on what will enhance profitability, while reducing expenditures. Not only are Ashley and Robyn breaking barriers as a minority-owned business, they are committed to changing the overall perception of the New Detroit. With a passion for their hometown, they are devoted to bringing positivity and optimism back through educating youth and creating CPA opportunities for others.

With International Market experience, a background in private and public sectors and with Fortune 500 companies, this diverse skill set and an array of personalized service offerings adds to J&F’s competitive advantage. An ability to work within a broad spectrum is due to proven success in risk-based internal auditing in areas from government agencies to credit compliance.

Why J&F Advisors?



Employees at J & F Advisors work closely with clients to identify financial goals and objectives for their business. We further assess our client’s financial structure and health to determine what services are best fit for them.  Further, we help achieve those goals by providing value-added solutions which ultimately promotes strong financial growth and impact.



Maintaining financial organization and literacy within a company is an essential piece to the survival and success of any business, and our goal at J & F Advisors is to be the premier provider of those critical accounting services, and to provide those services at a competitive price.



J&F Advisors strives to develop a long-term relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and most importantly our ability to continuously provide our clients with top-notch customer service. By providing the right financial solution, we at J & F Advisors will not only support present success, but stimulate future growth and success for your business.

We Are Different !

J&F Advisors has deep expertise in:

  • Providing accuracy to eliminate error
  • Establishing effective and efficient accounting systems that produce accurate, accessible, timely and secure accounting data
  • Addressing and assessing financial concerns and fulfilling a solution to sustain profitability



J&F Advisors offer expertise and experience to businesses in a wide array of industries.