Your Fit

Are you Jessica?

Meet Jessica

Jessica owns a hair salon and is looking to expand.  She is hoping to obtain a bank loan but has not kept any financial records.  Jessica stopped in our office with a box of receipts, in hope that we could organize them electronically and produce detailed financial statements.  She also wanted advice on how to avoid keeping paper receipts and to know, on an ongoing basis, where she stood financially.

If you find yourself in a position like Jessica, J&F Advisors offers Cloud Bookkeeping, where we can design and setup software, that will allow you to be focused on operations and have real time access to your financial records.  If you want access to our Cloud Bookkeeping Services, contact us below.

What about Brandon?

Meet Brandon

Brandon is looking to open an arcade this fall.  So far, he has a business plan, but needs assistance with understanding the value of his business, and displaying how he expects the business to perform financially.  Brandon hopes to present his business plan to attract investors, and obtain small business grants.

Small Business Accounting services are available for entrepreneurs like Brandon.  J&F Advisors can assist Brandon with Financial Projections based on the detail in his business plan, as well as prepare a financial valuation of his business currently, and in the future based on his projections.  If you have questions about Business Consulting Services, contact us below.

Or are you Dr. Huff?

Meet Dr. Huff

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Huff.  She owns a medical office, and is extremely busy throughout the week seeing patients and managing the operations of her practice.  Dr. Huff keeps track of all income and expenses via her bank account statements, and at the end of the year, she gives the statements to her accountant to prepare her taxes.  Dr. Huff also has a staff of 10, and uses a payroll company to pay her employees.  However, her arrangement does not include payroll tax compliance.  Finally, Dr. Huff’s wishes to know approximately how much income she has each quarter so that she can make Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments to the Internal Revenue Service.

Dr. Huff is a perfect candidate for Virtual Chief Financial Officer Services, provided by J&F Advisors.  With VCFO services, she can obtain any of the services below, for a low monthly price:

  • Tax Preparation (Annual & Quarterly)
  • Monthly Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll & Payroll Tax Compliance
  • Basic Training
  • Financial Liaison
  • Budget to Actual
  • Key Financial Performance Dashboard